Meet the drug-free workplace requirements set by the Department of Transportation with drug and alcohol testing from Mid-Iowa Occupational Testing. We will administer and maintain a drug and alcohol testing program to ensure compliance with the CRF Part 40. Mid-Iowa Occupational Testing offers one of the most comprehensive drug testing programs in the state and is nationally accredited in drug testing program management and collections through DATIA (Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association). We’ll consult with you and act as a liaison to ensure your company stays compliant with the DOT guidelines and regulations.

At Mid-Iowa Occupational Testing, we are committed to ensuring safety and accountability in the workplace. An effective drug and alcohol randomized testing program ensures that your company is staying compliant with the DOT and that your employees are prepared to perform their safety sensitive functions. Contact us today with your workplace drug testing, random drug testing, and pre-employment screening needs.

Keep Your Workplace Safe

Work with a DATIA accredited facility that is committed to ensuring compliance with the constantly changing DOT regulations. Mid-Iowa Occupational Testing understands the challenges of keeping up with those changes. Make it easy, let us do it for you!

DOT employees are required to have a negative drug screen on file before performing any “safety-sensitive” tasks. These can include anything from working on a pipeline to driving a semi.

A Note on Safety-Sensitive Positions

What qualifies you as a safety-sensitive employee with the DOT isn’t your job title—it’s the tasks you perform. For example, a manager or supervisor may be asked to perform a safety-sensitive task at a moment’s notice, even if they do not perform the task on a regular basis. Because they need to be prepared to take on these tasks at any time, they are held to DOT drug testing regulations.

Each DOT agency has different and fluctuating percentage rates they are required to adhere to. If you’re unsure whether or not your position includes safety-sensitive tasks that require DOT testing, ask your employer and research the standards for your industry.