DNA Tests for Paternity, Grandparents, Sibling-ship, and More

  • Paternity Testing – Mid Iowa Occupational Testing can perform DNA test to establish paternity for a child. Our Paternity DNA test can be utilized in court as they are 100% a legal test. We utilize the best labs in our industry and receive results within 72 hours. We perform DNA test on a walk-in basis Monday-Friday, 8:30-5:00. 

    Items required for legal DNA test:

    -Birth Certificate/Social Security card/ or insurance card for child

    -Government Issued ID for adult parties

  • Avuncular/Grandparent DNA Testing – Grandparent testing allows Mid-Iowa Occupational Testing to establish a relationship between a child and a potential grandparent. This is an alternate DNA test to assist in establishing Paternity in the case an alleged father is not available for testing. 

  • Sibling-ship DNA Testing – Mid-Iowa Occupational Testing offers testing for siblings to determine if they are full siblings (same biological parents) or if they half siblings (share one biological parent)

  • Mid-Iowa Occupational Testing offers a variety of additional DNA testing. Call us today with any questions!

There is more than one reason that DNA tests can be useful. Do you have a specific situation that you need help determining which type of test you need? We will walk you through the process and make it as easy as possible, make sure you mention the $25.00 off web special! Contact Mid-Iowa Occupational Testing today to set up a DNA test that is best for you!